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BODY HARVEST LOGLINE: A desperate actress trying to repay a mobster debt convinces her wanna be writer friend to go to a weekend production retreat where they become victims in human body organ trafficking

Many people ask “what is Body Harvest” about? Well, it’s a lot of things because there are several plots and sub-plots intertwined. It’s a suspense/horror film with a few twists and turns. It’s a fun popcorn flick story. You’ll just have to wait and see it on the big screen.

It all started…. About a year ago I decided to make a feature film. It was a different film, and things were not clicking. The actors’ schedules did no match my schedules, and quite frankly I did not have the funding to make it anyway. So it just stayed on the computer as a script that continues to evolve.

Then along came a new idea, ripped from headlines so to speak, and I found an older script that needed re-work. So I meshed the two together and wrote a first draft of Body Harvest. Now I had the basic ideas and structure… but still no money.

I had researched cameras to rent and buy. Part of me wanted to go the same route many filmmakers do and use a RED camera. They are expensive, even to rent, and I wanted to buy something that I could continue to use. After months of research I decided staying in the Canon family was the best choice. Their new C100 MK II camera was about to hit the market. But again, it was a bit more than I had available to spend, and would eat up any funds I had for the film.

Then someone told me Canon has a leasing program which is basically zero present interest! Now the camera was affordable. Yet still I did not have funds for the film.

I thought about crowd funding on Kickstarter or IndieGogo, though I did not want to go that route (more on that in a later blog). Then I get an email from someone who wants to buy one of my website names and the amount willing to pay is just enough to get things rolling. Luck? Faith? You decide.

Quickly I bought all sorts of more stuff, from a Zacuto rig with the Z-Drive follow focus, to the Ninja 2 monitor/SSD recorder, to a Zoom H6 audio recorder. Stuff just piled up. Lights, stands, cables, mics, etc.

Friends provided awesome locations. Casting calls were answered by extraordinary talented actors. Within a short three months we were planning the shoot, and still re-writing the script several times over.

We had secured one location and then the place backed out at the last minute via email late at night. They didn’t even call me. I felt like telling them what a bunch of @#$@$% , yet instead just thanked them. Eight hours later I received an email from someone else with a location. And it was even better! Luck? Faith? You decide.

So today we are 12 days from shooting. The script is locked. The cast and crew are ready (and they are paid). Keep an eye out for updates. It’s going to be fun.


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