The Passion of Filmmaking


I read this and reminded me so much of...well... me:

"Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artists:

---- "Then one day I saw the low-budget movie Clerks. It inspired me to get off my ass and make my own independent film: a small, quirky comedy where I played myself—a failing screenwriter. I used my wife, my apartment, my car—basically everything I could to finish the film. Making that movie was a transformational experience. It had trouble getting into festivals and never sold, but I had set out to do something and had gotten it done." ---

As for me, my path has followed somewhat similar paths. Finding once again my passion for writing fiction and what was taught in school and college as "creative writing". Those teachers had actually encouraged me yet I heard a different calling and did not realize that writing was really the passion I had.

Later when I transformed those energies into screenwriting and later into filmmaking it seemed natural. I could visualize exactly what I wanted to show, what I wanted to tell.

I pushed myself to make short films, get on feature film sets and learn as much about the process as I could first hand from the "pros" that were doing that. My film school was working and sneaking into film sets from high budget films like TROPIC THUNDER (Ben Stiller) to low budget features and shorts. I took my years of music recording experience and learned by watching on set and did sound mixing on several more films.

Two films were green lit only to fall apart after the WGA writers strike and economy crash. But that did not stop me. I continued to write. I continued to reach farther.

Fast forward several years later, I completed another short film BREATHE IN with the help of co-filmmaker Gabriel Benedetti Jeannette Gabriel Benedetti), and helped produce Canadian filmmaker's Rob Comeau award winning short film THE LEVEL BELOW.

I've continued to write, cranking out a web series and several features scripts that I plan to make after BODY HARVEST.


I want to make a true thriller in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock. This is not just a slasher film with no substance. It has a solid backstory, it is grounded in reality. The pacing of the story will grab you. When the horror scenes come it will leave you quivering in your seat. That's much better than just bloody gore for the sake of bloody gore.

How could I possibly put this film together? I asked that question for months. Then the answers I was looking for fell into place. That shroud of doubt was lifted.

And now we are just days from starting production with a really awesome cast and crew.

How thankful and grateful I am of my wife Yvette Pupo Heredia, family and friends who have all been witness to years of hard work and struggle. Many of those near me that have supported my crazy ideas and endeavors, and have seen my fair share of failures and occasional successes can best appreciate this new adventure.

That road is not over, and indeed a new road lies ahead.

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