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In the next few blogs we will provide information on the filmmaking process of BODY HARVEST (written and directed by yours truly, George L. Heredia), the new horror/suspense feature film scheduled to shoot this May-June in Texas.

My goal in this series is to discuss the challenges of going from idea to script to film. As of this writing the screenplay is still undergoing changes, though the fundamental plot, locations and characters remain the same.

What is constantly changing and improving is the pacing and dialogue. In some cases, whole sections of the story were changed or characters merged or deleted. This is done for two basic reasons.

First, it makes the story tighter, and the pacing better. It removes unnecessary elements that added little or no benefit to the overall story. This helps keep the action focused without those dead moments (excuse the pun) where a story’s pacing will lag, and where movie goers may get bored.

Secondly, the changes were necessary to adapt to location scouting, production cost budgets, and cast/crew size. While these may not seem important to the writer, they are in fact very important if not crucial to get a project from screenplay to screen.

Understanding that the filmmaking process is collaboration and requires a lot of give and take will certainly help the screenwriter. Of course in the case of BODY HARVEST, I am wearing all hats of writer, producer and director.

Besides the state of the script I have already established the core actors (auditions within a week). Crew calls have been made and a small yet very professional crew will be formed. Last but not least are the budget and production costs. Fortunately, I have that covered as well… for the most part.

So come back in a week or so… enjoy the articles and let’s MAKE A MOVIE!!!

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