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THE CABIN - Harvest Time Scheduled to shoot in Fort Worth

February 2015

THE CABIN - Harvest Time is scheduled to begin principle photography in Q2 of 2015.  Filming will be done in East Texas and around the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex area. 


Production will be primarily run under the bodegaREDmedia banner, along with Hilcroft Films Group. 


At this time the development group is seeking serious investors and will also consider crowd funding sources. 


Stay tuned for additional news and updates. 


More film projects scheduled for 2015

Additional  film projects are slated for production in 2015.


Following THE CABIN, production will begin on a Suspense/Mini Thriller titled SPIES & SECRETS.  This production will be filmed on location in several cities worldwide including Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Miami, Toronto, Manchester (U.K.), and Paris (France).  Early cast discussions include Stelio Savante and James Burleson.


Two other feature films are in early development and are scheduled to be shot late 2015 to early 2016:  THE PLAGUE and DEAD MAN'S CURVE.  Both are in the Suspense/Thriller/Horror genres.